Brief description of the safe operation method of wheeled excavator

Check the construction site and the type of soil, as well as the above-ground and underground facilities (including underground pipelines, cables) to determine the best method of operation. Work can only be done after the unsafe environmental factors have been removed.

Check the fuel, lubricant and hydraulic system for oil leakage, remove the oil spill, and wipe off the oil. Check the track bolts for looseness and other parts for damage or loss. If the above conditions are found, the vehicle must not be operated.

Check the oil level and water level of fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water. Do not smoke when filling. Check and tighten the radiator cap and each filler cap and oil plug.

Wipe grease, oil and dirt from the armrests, floor and joystick. Use handrails and steps to get on and off, don't jump up and down to avoid falling.

Do not put tools and other things in the cab to prevent operation and accidents.

Flammable materials such as wood chips, dead trees, foliage and paper may cause fire. Clean the inside of the hood when inspecting it.

Adjust the driver's seat to the most comfortable position for operation. Do not drive the vehicle in another location.

Before starting the engine, make sure all joysticks are in the neutral position.